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A resource of documents relating to the history of Sfax, Tunisia, in Arabic, English and French, this compilation is intended to provide the researcher access to primary sources on Sfax, as well as contemporary comments in newspapers, journals, blogs and other material. Click on the title on the left to obtain a set of documents relating to that period.

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5000 BC

Sfax during the Capsian and Neolithic eras
Sfax aux ères Capsid et Néolithique

800 - 200 BC

Sfax under the influence of Carthage
Sfax, sous l'influence de Carthage

200 BC - 300 AD

Taparura and Thyna
Taparura et Thyna

300 - 700 AD

The Christian Influence
L'influence chrétienne

700 - 1500 AD

Medieval Sfax: Islamic dynasties and Crusader threats
Medieval Sfax: dynasties islamiques et les attaques des croisés

1600s & 1700s

Sfax under the Beys
Sfax dans le cadre du Beys


Decline of the Barbary Corsairs
La baisse des corsaires de Barbarie

July 1881

The Taking of Sfax
La prise de Sfax

1881 - 1956

Sfax under the French Protectorate
Sfax sous le protectorat français

1942 - 1943

The WWII Bombardment of Sfax
Le bombardement de Sfax dans la Seconde Guerre mondiale

1956 - 2000

Bourguiba and beyond
La présidence de Bourguiba et au-delà

21st Century

Modern Sfax, and the Future
Sfax aujourd'hui, et l'avenir